Get a Handle on Your Membership Management, with PTI.Membership™

Membership-driven organizations can rely on PTI.Membership to efficiently manage their membership data. This online database management system makes it easier than ever to enter, update, analyze, store and communicate complex membership information. PTI.Membership is especially useful for organizations with multiple geographic locations.

Since most organizations have unique requirements, the majority of purchases will be semi-custom, i.e., involve modifying existing modules and adding a few custom business modules. With large organizations and complex business practices, requirements are generally well beyond the capabilities of standard modules.

Regardless of the degree of customization required, the PTI.Membership foundation, along with our prior experience, allows Prestige to deliver a complete solution to the customer in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost. Product pricing is based on which modules the customer purchases, the number of members they support, the customization desired and the migration of existing data complexity.

Prestige provides experienced database consulting services to aid this migration of existing data.

PTI.Membership packages are available in several levels of customization:

  • Shrink-wrapped. Modules are purchased without modification. Other modules can be added as the need arises.
  • Semi-custom. Standard off-the-shelf modules are customized to some degree to meet the customer's specific needs.
  • Customized implementation. Unlike configurable software, high levels of customization are possible — built off of the pre-existing PTI.Membership foundation. As your business needs grow, so grows the application. With PTI.Membership, you no longer have to settle for "close enough".

Certification Management

Membership Management

Online Learning Content Management

Website Content Management


Automated Data Processing

Custom Application Development Prestige specializes in custom application development geared at improving business functions. If your organization has struggled to create the single application that can pull together your daily workflow, contact us and the experts at Prestige can work with you to develop a powerful and long-lasting solution.

Prestige has released six
software packages constructed
from the PTI.Foundation that
work as either stand-alone or
customizable programs.

Ascerteon® (certification)
PTI.Site (website content)
PTI.Membership (membership)
PTI.Learning (learning)
PTI.Commerce (e-commerce)

Even companies with their own
IT departments sometimes need
outside technical support. Prestige
provides user training for both our hardware and software installations.

IT Support & Helpdesk
Web and Application Hosting
Hardware/Software Purchasing
Network Support
Disaster Planning and Recovery
Software Training

The Prestige Marketing and
Design Service team offers a
full range of services to satisfy
your organization's
communication needs.

Website Design and Production
Marketing Collateral Design
Brand Design and Development