Your Virtual IT Department

Years ago, networking was as simple as connecting computers together with a wire and letting them do business… Unfortunately, this is no longer the scenario. Having the Prestige Advantage means having peace of mind, knowing that your network is designed and maintained by a Microsoft Certified Professional. We have all of your bases covered. Here are some of the Networking Services we offer:

System/Network Monitoring – Checking current system and network resource levels and logs and comparing them with an established baseline to make sure that all systems throughout the network are working together as they should… Simply identifying the problems before they become a problem.

System/Network Repair – When a system is performing out of the established baseline or when another type of problem arises such as email/printers/software etc., diagnosing the source of the bottleneck and taking the appropriate actions to repair it is key. If the problem cannot be handled remotely, an engineer will arrive on-site within a certain amount of time to handle the issue to ensure that the customer’s problem is handled in a timely manner.

Network Design – Proper design and configuration is the most crucial aspect of any network. Different networks have different types of servers and different software, and the ultimate goal is to get them to work together seamlessly. Far above and beyond cabling, having things in the right place and configured properly to support long-term use and less maintenance is what separates us from the rest.

Wireless Networking (WiFi) – With notebooks, smart phones and mobile operating systems becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world, is it absolutely necessary to have a solution in place to support those users. By identifying who will be using the wireless network, we can help you by establishing the appropriate access rights/restrictions and other security measures to ensure people who shouldn’t have access to it, can’t have access to it, and vice versa.

Security – Designing and maintaining a security solution that protects files, email, systems and the network as a whole from prying eyes or viruses. The Prestige Advantage is implementing appropriate firewalls, virus protection, user access restrictions, encryption, etc. etc. to be incorporated into the network to ensure that it is protected from all angles when it is needed the most.

Prestige has released six
software packages constructed
from the PTI.Foundation that
work as either stand-alone or
customizable programs.

Ascerteon® (certification)
PTI.Site (website content)
PTI.Membership (membership)
PTI.Learning (learning)
PTI.Commerce (e-commerce)

Even companies with their own
IT departments sometimes need
outside technical support. Prestige
provides user training for both our hardware and software installations.

IT Support & Helpdesk
Web and Application Hosting
Hardware/Software Purchasing
Network Support
Disaster Planning and Recovery
Software Training

The Prestige Marketing and
Design Service team offers a
full range of services to satisfy
your organization's
communication needs.

Website Design and Production
Marketing Collateral Design
Brand Design and Development