The Prestige Advantage

Prestige's work with trade and certification organizations is a great example of the Prestige Advantage in action. We first arrived on the scene with member organizations several years ago and learned that many business technology firms took advantage of companies' lack of knowledge.

Membership-based organizations handle and process vast amounts of data, such as member information, dues collections, retirement and benefits packages. Many of these organizations were overwhelmed trying to integrate information into modern-day computer systems. We discovered that their computer systems were outdated and lacked proper data management procedures. This caused excessive data entry and billing issues. Maintenance and support of these systems were inconsistent at best. Prestige revolutionized these database systems by consolidating the client data. This created unified networks that dealt with the particular details of each client.

Prestige has been and continues to be successful working with membership-based organizations because we take the time to evaluate the challenges that business technology presents, thus dealing with them realistically and in a cost-saving manner. This is the root of our motto, "identifying tomorrow's challenges today." Instead of presenting impractical objectives, Prestige accurately assessed the conflicts and complications of member organizations. We listen to our client's needs and help them understand the technology that they will be using.

Thanks to the Prestige Advantage, we maintain a strong business relationship with a wide variety of these types of organizations. What we did for them, we can do for you.

Prestige has released six
software packages constructed
from the PTI.Foundation that
work as either stand-alone or
customizable programs.

Ascerteon® (certification)
PTI.Site (website content)
PTI.Membership (membership)
PTI.Learning (learning)
PTI.Commerce (e-commerce)

Even companies with their own
IT departments sometimes need
outside technical support. Prestige
provides user training for both our hardware and software installations.

IT Support & Helpdesk
Web and Application Hosting
Hardware/Software Purchasing
Network Support
Disaster Planning and Recovery
Software Training

The Prestige Marketing and
Design Service team offers a
full range of services to satisfy
your organization's
communication needs.

Website Design and Production
Marketing Collateral Design
Brand Design and Development